PRO BONO eLearning

PRO BONO eLearning

When you need to address a specific need with highly focused content, I can work closely with you to design, develop, and implement eLearning solutions that help meet short and long term goals. We will focus on creating quality custom content based on your vision and business goals.


Bamboos Consulting is a socially-responsible company committed to ongoing community service. I altruistically participate in various non-governmental organizations. If justified by the type of case, Bamboos Consulting, Roberto Garrone, and any other interested person and entity work on a pro bono basis in order to benefit such causes.

However, other beneficiaries requiring services not socially relevant are charged a standard hourly fee of 35 Euro billed with receipt or vat exempted invoice according to Italian Law (ex art. 2222 Civil Code; Lex 30/2003; DL 34/2014).

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