Roberto Garrone and Bamboos Consulting offer PRO BONO customized services and feasibility studies for a wide range of industries and competency areas. Contact me for further information.


Bamboos Consulting is a socially responsible organization committed to ongoing community service. I altruistically participate in various non-governmental organizations. If justified by the type of case, Bamboos Consulting, Roberto Garrone, and any other interested person or entity work on a pro bono basis in order to benefit such causes.

However, other beneficiaries requiring services not socially relevant are charged a standard hourly fee of 35 Euro billed with electronic invoice according to Italian Law (DL n. 119/2018, ex art. 14 DL n. 124/2019, interpello n. 129 del 14 maggio 2020); alternately, repetitive services are billed according to yearly fees. Only payments in advance on this bank account are accepted.


Dr. Roberto Garrone (Resume) is the founder, owner, and managing partner of Bamboos Consulting (a no-profit entity). His main interest’s areas include:
– Implementation of Business Processes – Change management
– Business Administration & It Management
– Leadership & HR
Investment Management
– Valuation of Firms, Properties, and Real Estate projects

about bamboos consulting Roberto Garrone

Books & Research

Dr. Roberto Garrone has independently published two books about economic development in emerging economies targeting political and economic issues of wide impact for ethical investors and whoever cares about the relative social implications:


Development (Sample) (Buy)

Provides an introduction to economic development, economic growth, international institutions, and the relationship between political and economic freedom

Commodities and Development

Commodities and Development (Sample) (Buy)

Explains the secular trend in commodity prices and their relationships with economic growth, institutions, world trade, and regional economic integrations

Open Source

Dr. Roberto Garrone is actively involved in the development of Plib, an open source library for economic research and financial trading. The library allows the easy integration of data for the production of reports and statistical indicators, as well as for the backtesting and optimization of trading strategies.


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