Pro Bono Advisory Services

Pro Bono Advisory Services

Bamboos Consulting offers PRO BONO customized services and feasibility studies for a wide range of industries and competency areas.

Bamboos Consulting is a socially responsible organization committed to ongoing community service. I altruistically participate in various non-governmental organizations. If justified by the type of case, Bamboos Consulting, Roberto Garrone, and any other interested person or entity work on a pro bono basis in order to benefit such causes.

However, other beneficiaries requiring services not socially relevant are charged a standard hourly fee of 150 Euro billed with electronic invoice according to Italian Law (DL n. 119/2018, ex art. 14 DL n. 124/2019, interpello n. 129 del 14 maggio 2020); note that generic consultation in business and finance is not subject to special requirements as specified by the Law n. 4/2013. Alternately, repetitive services are billed according to yearly fees. Only payments in advance on this bank account are accepted. For generic financial advice, fees are in fixed percentage (i.e., 0.1%, 0.3%, and 0.5%) of the capital consulted paid against an agreed benchmark after each periodic rebalance.


Effective operations management goes beyond daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage; indeed, it implies a wider vision than just being a cost-effective business enabler. Specifically, it requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies, and cost structures. While operations consulting is often thought to focus on manufacturing plants or production facilities, the scope of operations consulting is actually broader than that. Even businesses that are service-based rather than product-based can benefit from operations consulting. See a paid consultation example here.

Software Design

Pro bono customized software development entails the commissioning, development, and release of a software product tailored to a specific entity as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software. Specifically, it is designed keeping the company‚Äôs infrastructure, processes, and implementation’s needs in mind. See an implementation example here.

Learning and Training

When you need to address a specific need with highly focused content, I can work closely with you to design, develop, and implement eLearning solutions that help meet short and long term goals. We will focus on creating quality custom content based on your vision and business goals.

Financial Advice

Financial advice, among the other activities, complete the range of Pro Bono activities performed. I provide a personalized recommendation based on a potential range of financial services and products in a consultative way with the objective of meeting your needs and wants by suggesting the appropriate financial products and services. Note that I do not sell financial products but I offer independent consultation and advice. Indeed, my consultation is based on sound principles but it is nonetheless subject the terms of use of the service. Finally, I am involved in Plib, an open source library for personal finance.

Italian Regulation for Generic Consultations in Business and Finance

Generic financial advice consists of the provision of operational indications of financial allocation with reference to types of financial instruments. This type of activity carried out by the Professional does not integrate an investment advisory activity, as qualified by art. 1, paragraph 5, letter f) and defined by the same article in paragraph 5 septies, d.lgs. 24 February 1998, n. 58 and subsequent amendments (TUF). Generic financial advice does not constitute an investment service and is not subject to the regulations of the TUF, but identifies an activity that can be freely exercised, as it is not covered by a legal reservation. This activity is not subject to the supervision of Consob or that of the Body (OCF). The Generic Financial Advisory Contract has as its object the provision by the Professional of the generic financial advisory service, provided through the construction of diversified model financial portfolios in different asset classes and elaborated with regard to different risk profiles, as well as multiple combinations of risk / return. The general composition of financial portfolios is constantly monitored and subject to revision in the light of financial market developments. The operational suggestions for buying / selling, generically formulated by the Professional in the exercise of the activity in question, do not constitute an offer to the public and solicitation of investments, nor do they integrate the investment advisory service as regulated by the TUF, since, regardless of the personal characteristics of the Client, they do not concern personalised recommendations regarding the purchase / sale of certain financial instruments.

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