E-Flow Warehouse Management Software

E-Flow Warehouse Management Software

E-Flow is a scalable, process-oriented, and integrated package for managing mass products’ warehouse management, distribution, and delivery (WMS). Each module can be customized to fit the needs of companies of small and medium size and can operate as a standalone application or integrated with the other modules or existing customer’s applications.


Integrated Distribution Logistics Optimization

E-Flow optimizes transport and warehouse activity schedules creating integrated logistics solutions. This ensures that all aspects of the distribution and logistic operations are planned in a coordinated way. To achieve this, transport and warehouse variables and constraints are modeled, including:

  • Volumes & Orders:
  • forecast or actual by customer, delivery point, product or product type
  • Transport constraints:
  • vehicle type & size, compartment size, bulk/packed, compatibility
  • Delivery routing constraints:
  • time windows, vehicle docking constraints, priority deliveries, multidrop sequencing rules
  • Vehicle tracking:
  • GPS, in-cab
  • Production/manufacturing:
  • stock availability, repositioning requirements, shelf-life constraints
  • Warehousing constraints:
  • loading/picking capacity, docking constraints, floor space, holding vessel capacity

E-Flow Billing: Track, control and reconcile sales and payments, limit your customer’s accounts by surety checks, provide effective invoicing and reporting.

E-Flow Forecast: Based on historical sales or demand data, my solution can be used for capacity planning, as well as shorter-term estimates of demand which can be used for tactical or operational planning of manufacturing, logistics, and staffing.

E-Flow Inventory: Effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Make sure items at low stock levels are staged and put away first, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient fulfillment processes.

E-Flow Receiving: Know the location of all inventory on your shelves. Route your workers to the right location, set up their picks in the proper order to minimize travel time, and increase the number of orders they can pick each day.

E-Flow Picking: Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process.

E-Flow Packing: Ensure the accuracy of each order that is picked and reduce material costs.

E-Flow Shipping: Validate picked order details to packing box and generates shipping labels. Shipped orders and carrier information can be exported to billing for expedient and accurate invoicing to customers.

E-Flow Delivery: The multi-drop route planner optimizes each vehicle delivery schedule to minimize distance traveled and hours worked while fulfilling customer orders. The module can also schedule collection operations or integrated delivery/collection routes to maximize vehicle utilization while minimizing empty running.

E-Flow Returns: Handle the process of check, scan, sort, and account for returns. The process is barcode driven and camera-assisted, tracks each product from the box to the pallet.


  • SQL Server back-end
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Handheld portable scanner support
  • Portable Time and Date Stamp
  • Import Export. Flexible Interfacing with accounting, ERP, MRP, or other business systems
  • Items are tracked to a location
  • Maintains a complete history of an items life cycle
  • Serial #, Lot Tracking, Expiration Dates
  • User Customizable Report Solution
Sample Architecture

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