PRO BONO Financial Advice

PRO BONO Financial Advice

Financial advice, among the other activities, complete the range of Pro Bono activities performed. I provide a personalized recommendation based on a potential range of financial services and products in a consultative way with the objective of meeting your needs and wants by suggesting the appropriate financial products and services. Note that I do not sell financial products but I offer free consultation and advice. Indeed, my consultation is based on sound principles but it is nonetheless subject the terms of use of the service.


Bamboos Consulting is a socially-responsible company committed to ongoing community service. I altruistically participate in various non-governmental organizations. If justified by the type of case, Bamboos Consulting, Roberto Garrone, and any other interested person and entity work on a pro bono basis in order to benefit such causes.

However, other beneficiaries requiring services not socially relevant are charged a standard hourly fee of 35 Euro billed with receipt or vat exempted invoice according to Italian Law (ex art. 2222 Civil Code; Lex 30/2003; DL 34/2014).

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