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Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map – Part III

6. Measuring competition and performance. In this industry the most commonly used method to project performance is fair-share analysis, in which a percentage of market capture is estimated for the subject based on the number of rooms in the subject divided by the total number of rooms in the market. Projected market share must be… Read More »

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map – Part II

4. Product main categories. Most hotels appeal to multiple consumer segments, anyway it is important to state the main segments used in the industry: service level, physical and functional characteristics, location and price. Full-service hotels offer a wide range of services, including valet parking, luggage assistance, concierge services, gift shops, fitness centers, business centers, three-meal… Read More »

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map – Part I

The Balanced Scorecard approach has been pioneered by Prof. Robert Kaplan and Dr David Norton. At the highest conceptual level, it helps organizations translate strategy into a set of linked operational objectives that drive both behavior and performance. The Strategy Map is the blueprint that guides users through the process of developing the right set… Read More »