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Property, Credit Crunch and Investment – Part III

To analyze the development we start from the net rent, obtained from comparables, and the realized sale’s value. Given the risk premium, which for simplicity we assume to be the same for the residential and commercial part, we find a corresponding opportunity cost of 4% reflecting the tight condition of the mortgage market. Since inflation… Read More »

Property, Credit crunch and Investment – Part II

The development scheme, realized with a traditional procurement route, consists of 10 storey residential building with retail space at the ground floor. It consists of a NIA of 1790 sqm, excluding 160 sqm of common areas and a total GIA of 2175 sqm. The retail NIA is 170 sqm (2 shops of 70 sqm and… Read More »

Property Portfolio Management, Portfolio Structure – Part IV

Pension investing is more a process of matching assets to liabilities, with the ultimate objective being to pay retirement income. Usually a young plan can afford greater risk because of longer time horizons. The solvency of pensions and insurers suffered as yields fell because it increased the present value of their liabilities, which were difficult… Read More »

Property Portfolio Management, Property Role in Multi Asset Portfolio – Part III

1. Property Role in Multi Asset Portfolio Canada’s public pension funds (CPP Inv. Board, PSP Inv. and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan for instance) own assets all over the world, including property in Manhattan, utilities in Chile, international airports and railway connecting London to the Channel with returns well above 10%. They brought most of their… Read More »

Property Portfolio Management, Considerations for future investments – Part II

The economic performance of today’s cities and regions could suggest a profitable strategy of investment. Clearly the outcomes of the different effects of globalization on any region or country will depend on the structure and history of the region, the actual scale of the local technological and institutional changes, the existing spatial structure and the… Read More »

Property Portfolio Management, An Introduction – Part I

Real estate equity portfolio or funds management differs radically from managing equity, bond or mutual funds in that real estate managers are not only responsible for asset allocation, risk management and transaction supervision, but also for managing the execution of asset strategy. Unlike equity managers, who research companies and manage the probabilities that they can… Read More »